Not Solved [How To?] Get MySupport to run under 1.8
Not Solved
I love the mysupport plugin and would like to install it on my own website. I have downloaded:

However I am getting the following: 

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1366 - Incorrect integer value: 'no' for column 'isdefault' at row 1Query:INSERT INTO mybb_settinggroups (name,title,description,disporder,isdefault) VALUES ('mysupport','MySupport Settings','Settings for the MySupport plugin.','28','no')

It looks the plugin is written for an older version of MyBB. However since it is running on this MyBB community forum I assume somebody has fixed it to work with the latest version of 1.8

Can someone tell me where I can get the latest version?
Not Solved
updated version of MySupport plugin for MyBB 1.8.x is not (yet) available

you can try changing "isdefault" => "no" in the plugin file to "isdefault" => "0"

Note: php files should be saved with utf-8 encoding without Byte Order Mark.
in general, we use editor like Notepad++ or file editor at web host panel

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