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[For 1.8] TeamSpeak 3 Functions
TeamSpeak3 Functions
Version: 2.0 - 17-12-2017

The plugin adds the ability to display the status of users on TS3 and displays the list of users (screenshots).

1. Upload files to server.
2. Install plugin in ACP.
3. Create an additional profile reference field below the scheme below:

Name: TS3 identity
Short description: Provide the TS3 identifier which you will find in Tools -> Identities (ctrl + i).
Field type: textbox
Maximum length: 50
Required: no
Show during registration ?: yes
Show in user profile ?: no
Display post in description: no
Visible to: All groups
Editable by: All groupshere

4. Copy the id of the additional field (when editing it, you will find it in the address bar).
5. Complete the data to be connected and the field ID in the plugin settings.

Mods site: here
Polish support: here
Github: here
My fanpage: here
Is this still working?
I got no data on tsonline.php also no info in postbit

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