Not Solved Changing default editor to source mode
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I know about the following queries:

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `sourceeditor` = '1' WHERE `sourceeditor` = '0'; 

^ That one works to update all existing users.

ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` CHANGE `sourceeditor` `sourceeditor` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'; 

^ This one, however, just says " MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows)." every time - what am I doing wrong?

I made a new account to test and the source editor is set to 0, not 1.
Not Solved
Still not working.
Not Solved
i think i had done
ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` CHANGE `sourceeditor` `sourceeditor` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; 
swap 1 with 0

You can also force it globally regardless of UserCP setting in templates -> ungrouped -> codebuttons

comment out the sourcemod variable with // and put MyBBEditor.sourceMode(true);
 MyBBEditor = $("#{$bind}").sceditor("instance");
//{ $ sourcemode }

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