Not Solved [Performance] How realistic is the "posts per page" warning of not going over 20?
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In the show thread section, the Posts per Page setting says:

"We recommend its not higher than 20 for people with slower connections."

Realistically speaking, would this truly affect most people nowadays if I set it to, say, 40? Seems like this was written a long time ago.
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yes, it can still affect many users.

some might be using mobiles / old computer systems with slow speed internet connections ...

and if the thread has a number of images then page loading speed can be more worse for some users ..
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Whilst you're free to change, consider - like .m. says - your demographic.
Countries with a poorer network connectivity will see a delay in page load, which can negatively affect your site in a multitude of ways.

Whilst your browsing might be fine, your users' might not be.

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