Not Solved [Error Message] $.cookie is not a function
Not Solved
I get the following error message after I upgraded to 1.8.14.

VM9566:1 Uncaught TypeError: $.cookie is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at <anonymous> (functions.min.js:1), <anonymous>:1:4424)
    at j (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:1), <anonymous>:1:27244)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:1), <anonymous>:1:28057)
    at Function.ready (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:1), <anonymous>:1:29891)
    at HTMLDocument.J (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:1), <anonymous>:1:30257)

How do we fix this?
Not Solved
most recent versions of MyBB have some changes in the script libraries.
$.cookie like functions no longer work. please contact theme coder for fixing

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