[Rejected] Bug on "Clear all cookies"
Hello guys!

My forum language is setted in Brazilian Portuguese. In this language, the funcion "Clear all cookies" located in "help documents" don't work, but if I change for English works.

This is the message showed:

Quote:Incompatibility of authorization code. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

How solve it?
I guess it's about language files actually. Where you downloaded that files? So I can check it.
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Edit the helpdocs.lang.php file for the language and ensure that the link in the $l['d3_document'] variable is of this format:

<a href=\"misc.php?action=clearcookies&amp;my_post_key={1}\">here</a>

See an example for the English in MyBB 1.8.14.

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