Could someone improve my profile page?
Hi all just wondering if someone could be a jewel and help me convert my forum profile page to something like:

Profile pic to the left with most of the information and pm button. Also leave a huge blank spot in the middle for a good place for a comments section

Also i'm having a bug if you could say that, I'm trying to implement Google Ad sense into my website and it's not working. However the ad spot is showing as you can see here, But it's been like this for 12+ hours:

I'm also having an issue with the prefix maker in the ACP, I want to make all other prefixes look the same as: Sticky, Closed and poll like the official MyBb design of them. Does anyone have the design code so i can achieve this?

Forum link:

I would really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance.
You can PM me, I may help you with that
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