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MyBB 1.9 Development
Ok thanks
Current Status

At the time of writing, the theme conversion is very nearly complete, though Justin can provide a lot more insight here. I believe the base CSS framework is pretty much 100% done, and Justin is mainly just mopping up some leftover pages. Our plan is to merge this hefty PR pretty soon (I'm hoping to do it this month).

We still need to write the updated theme system which will allow admins to edit templates and the new SASS stylesheets from within the ACP, though this is a relatively minor task in comparison to the new theme and full template conversion which has dominated most of the past year. I plan to work on this for the rest of this month and into February, though I can't give any real estimates of how long it will take.

There are a few other minor things to complete, such as the SwiftMailer integration and a load of testing.

We also need to rebase the develop/1.9 branch on top of the latest 1.8 code to ensure it contains all of the bug and security fixes from that branch. The plan is that we will release MyBB 1.8.20 this week, and once that release is made, the 1.9 branch will be fully rebased and from there will be rebased weekly or after every new PR is made (depending on whether I or other members of the team remember to and get the time to rebase after merging a PR...).

The biggest part of the work is all but over, what we have left is relatively minor.

Then, obviously, there is the testing.

Justin has been running a demo board for a while. I believe he plans to continue doing so, but if not we will have another official demo hosted by a member of the team available for users to test.

I'm also going to be writing some detailed instructions on the easiest way to get a 1.9 install running locally or on your own hosting so that you can test the admin side of things easily and help us find any issues.

We will also be releasing a beta version. I hope to be able to do this in the first quarter of 2019, though it will obviously depend on team availability and the quantity of bugs that are uncovered. We will be announcing more details on this on the blog as we prepare for it.
Looking good! Thanks for all you do!

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