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Not Solved How to get rid of the WYSIWYG for good?
Not Solved
I don't like the WYSIWYG and I'd like to remove it. I know I can set the text editor as "source" for myself, but my issue is more with other, less experienced users messing up with it. So I'd like to either delete it entirely, or at least setting source as a default *for everyone*. Can you help me with that? I found some old threads but they don't work in my case, so I guess something must have changed since then.
Not Solved
Can't you force it through your database?
Not Solved
Nevermind, I found a way to force it by editting the codebutton template.

Still wondering why SQL queries didn't work (it told me the required table did not exist) but I guess I can ignore it until next time...
Not Solved
What did you do in the template? Would like to know since I want to do the same thing.

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