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[For 1.8] Developer Tools 0.2 BETA
(2018-08-11, 05:49 PM)Wildcard Wrote: Ah, I see the confusion now.

[Image: dvK2v9o.png]

I update the version number in the OP when it changes.

I did see that part, but often users make changes to their posts for minor things like misspellings.
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MyBB Developer Tools 0.0.3 ALPHA Released

  • incompatibilities with PostgreSQL
  • a bug where the lorem ipsum generator was incorrectly referenced
  • a bug where the RAND() MySQL function was used on PostgreSQL systems even thought it doesn't exist.
  • a bug where MySQL database systems gave an error due to a misplaced semicolon
  • a bug where line numbers in the code window didn't match error messages
To upgrade: Uninstall and re-install. There will be no upgrade script during the alpha stage
Developer Tools 0.0.4 ALPHA Released

  • added AJAX w/ modal input to the PHiddle interface
  • added the option to assign a referrer for users created using the module (for testing purposes)
  • sandbox now assigns folders for each admin to keep everything separate
  • upgraded installer class
  • an issue where installation where server permissions may prevent image and style sheet installation
  • a bug where some simply named functions could cause conflicts
To upgrade: Uninstall in ACP and install. There will be no upgrade during the alpha stage.
Developer Tools 0.1 BETA Released

  • now uses the language system
  • code cleanup/efficiency checks/code comments
  • added an option to the create threads module to allow images to posted in created threads
  • added an option to the create users module to control whether the module includes banned users to be used as thread/post authors
  • added title to PHiddle page to make it easier to see which project is currently being edited
  • now the toolbar is visible in both the PHP and output tabs
  • a bug where the create user name avatars module was broken due to improperly set user avatar fields
  • a bug where the load button caused broken features when there are no projects to load
  • a bug where the delete button caused broken features when there are no projects to delete
  • a bug where the save as button was broken due to changes in the XMLHTTP routing

To upgrade: Uninstall and re-install. There will be no upgrade script during the beta stage.
Developer Tools 0.2 BETA Released

[Image: uoXd0Pp.png]

  • improve user name avatar module aesthetics (allow initials or full name, solid or gradient background, etc.)
  • now focuses on code window when PHiddle is loaded
  • now double-click on a PHiddle to load it
  • normalized change state
  • now PHiddles are sorted alphabetically
  • upgrade ExternalModule class stack
  • upgrade StorableObject class stack
  • a bug where when saving PHiddles, duplicate entries with blank titles were created

To upgrade: uninstall, overwrite the existing files, and reinstall. There will be no upgrade script in this phase.

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