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Not Solved custom user links in header template
Not Solved
How could I make it so that if a member puts a link to a certain thread in one of their custom profile fields, like say its a link to their logbook thread, I want it to show up in the header or welcomeblock area for them to click on to have easy access to it?

thanks in advance for any help <3
Not Solved
just bumping this again real quick Smile
Not Solved
That's not default MyBB function, but you may request plugin for that in plugins requests section here:
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Not Solved
A plugin for such a simple request is unnecessary, just a small code.

<a href="{$mybb->user['fid#']}">Log Thread</a>

Just change the # to the ID of said profile field. Smile

If youre using template conditionals and only want it to show if the profile field is filled in use:
<if $mybb->user['fid#'] then><a href="{$mybb->user['fid#']}">Log Thread</a></if>
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