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"Simplicity" - Responsive and modern theme (MyBB 1.8.14)
Modern and responsive theme for MyBB 1.8.14

[Image: index-preview-1.png]

[Image: preview-mobile440e2.png]

Price: $22

Purchase (by PayPall)/More screenshots

Contact & job

There is no official demo page, but we can provide it after contact via Facebook's page.
this actually looks nice well done, although i dont like the size of certain things like the shoutbox messages, the header at the top and the slider below that, other than that nice job.
profile list looks nice Smile

Can we somehow see how it works on mobile and such device?
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Looks like a very nice theme, good work Smile
Demo forum would be nice.

I knew I'd seen half of these theme designs somewhere until I found a .pl forum that has bunch of ripped and retail themes with similar designs also 2-3 of your demo themes have been created by Simlay, so you basically didn't create these themes all you did was edited the css that's about it!

You don't have the rights to sell these themes without the main owners permission. -.-
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Hi Livewire,

Regarding your post, we have full rights to sell the themes. All of the themes we are selling were designed and written by our crew members. Obviously we used the default mybb theme and plugins to create them, but that's all. We would appriciate if you could give us some proof to confirm your accusations.

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