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1.10 block subject title and post of content
This is a simple fix that removes spam content from subject titles.

The forked parent blocks both subjects and post content while my fork just blocks subjects.

This seems like this should be a core feature as it coincides with purge spammer and other anti-spam measures. Some get through registration + captcha + email, etc. , and a lot of times we get bombarded with the same kind of spam for awhile. These certain phrases could be completely banned from subject lines or posts on the fly and removed later even after the spam has died down.

I first used it because URL's get posted in the subject title. And there is no default MyBB to stop it. However since having it installed, it has become very handy with not only stopping URL's but any consistent spam content that gets posted in subject titles. I only wish i could split it and have phrases blocked in subject titles, and other phrases blocked in posts.

But again this seems like it should be a core feature.

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Agree to this one, this should definitely an option.
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