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WP-MyBB-MediaWiki integration
Hi to all,

on my quest to launch the 1st forum i got questions on a easy to do user integration, if doable, between Wordpress Home site and a community forum in MyBB Forum and Wiki run on Media Wiki.

The integration i seek it's how to bridge those users in those 3 platforms 
I've searched in here, on the Extend plugins and found nothing

Does it even exist.
For me makes no sense to have any member logging in several times or donating for membership and then having to wait for a mod to configure his accounts on wiki and mybb

Thankful for your inputs
I know there is a bridge to make Mediawiki to use the same user credentials as MyBB, but IIRC it does not share login sessions. I believe there is also a bridge between Wordpress and MyBB.
Thank yoy laie_yechie

would sure be nice to know if there is connectivity with a wiki and with wp… joomla… drupal…etc
would be nice for forum integration on websites. I may be wrong but i believe that is the way to go
Just like people like to read fast or slow the content they choose to have

but now that i am underway i am kinda stuck in there and if i had skills or funds i would make it from the ground up and easy to integrate, however funds aren't elastic

Do anyone out there know of a reliable way to connect parts that make sense to be connected without stealing the bank at least?

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