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Hey guys
please share any help about this problem 
i had forum at icyboards and i toke backup from them to install it on my host im using vps win2012
and i saw the name of Taple not same with db that i made
anyway ofc backup will not work on mybb without change Table 
by select all and Replace Table prefix 
as this pic i upload

[Image: xqUUE9B.png]

now all errors gone 
but i have this problem now 

[Image: Psi0fsf.png]

any idea how to fix this
and what about Table Type
Ps : sorry for my bad english  

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Looks like your CSS files are somehow missing.

Try to upload some theme and check if it works.
Can we get your forum url to check it out?
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thanks @Ikerepc for answering me 

i solve this buy using same db as table backup name
but now i hade this problem about avatar its like all gone and when i try to change avatar i have broken pics Sad

below try to chose them and you will see the orginal problem
my web :

update :
avatar is ok after i run
UPDATE mybb_users SET avatar='', signature=''
but problem of changing avatar still existed

just for ppl if they come from the future   Big Grin
i tried a lot to make it but no one help me specially icyboards support they tell me we they are don't support out icyboards  so i search a lot and there is nothing talking about move forum to my host with icyboards backup

what you need to do is make new mybb forum and go to your db and import your icyboards backup now you have 2 db don't worry now delete all mybb tables and leave those i mention at pic below 

[Image: aOHfAOx.png]

leave these tables i mention with black squire 
so now you have only 


from installed mybb forum

now you have to rename all your icyboeards forum tabels EXCEPT those i like pic i add above 

how you do this this : easy 

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...422e706e67]

now you done with your db
now you have some problems (the main problem)  you need to do upgrade to your forum to make it right
go to install folder and delete lock file and do upgrade

maybe you can't access to your adminCP
Go to mybb main folder go to inc open setting.php
change this to your domain 

$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

PS : sorry for my bad english just want to share some help for other ppl cuz i tried like week to make this work and i can't find someone to help me so i want help others 
best of wishs 

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