[Rejected] Page renderiing slow on android.

1.8.14 seems to have a bug causing forumdisplay to render slow.

I am not talking about page generation times, but the time it takes to render the page in the browser.

I don't think it's my samsung j5

This is really noticeable if you have 50 threads on forumdisplay

But It also happens here on mybb.com.

If you load a forum and scroll down fast you'll see it's loading 1 thread at the time.

Anyone else seeing this?
I have been messing with performance on mobile devices, so this peaked my interest.

Can you link me to an example of this? Also, do you see it hitting your CPU a ton? Does it happen in mobile Chrome or mobile Firefox?
What plugins are you using?
How many queries are being generated? Default it should be around 20 for forumdisplay.php and around 25 or so for showthread.php.

I am taking a guess and saying you are using a plugin that is not written very efficient. Another cause is if you have an older iphone version, it might be slower because Apple admitted to making them slower.

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