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Not Solved Issues after update
Not Solved
I have lots of issues that appeared once I updated the templates (1.8.10 -> 1.8.14):
-the formatting bar is gone when making a new post/thread/reply
-report and rate button freeze the webpage and make it unscrollable
-quick edit doesn't work (just loading infinitely)
-inline moderation doesn't work (when I select posts, it doesn't recognise it: "Sorry, but you did not select any posts...")
-quoted posts don't appear in quick reply
-header doesn't stick to the top anymore
That's it for now but I'm sure I forgot something.

Here's the forum:
Not Solved
Flatty was updated recently.
it would be better to install it as a new theme & use it
or modify your forum's theme based on updated version of Flatty

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