Not Solved [General] What function has '[Deny Receipt]'?
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Hear me out.

I click at '[Deny Receipt]', then the PM opens and i can read it.
It's gone from Tracking on both Read Messages and Unread Messages.

Is it really suppose to be like that?
I tested this out by sending a PM to myself, so that i can check both ends.

Because to me, as i understand it, that function is sort of.. meaningless?
Since i read the PM, and the other party can figure out that i read it.

Let me know if i am missing anything here.

Best regards,
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Maybe it's supposed to be Deny Receipt Notification?
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(2018-01-19, 10:18 PM)laie_techie Wrote: Maybe it's supposed to be Deny Receipt Notification?


I think the function is simply broken. 
I doubt you should be able to read the PM if you click that button.
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are you using a different language pack for your forum ?

check content of private_messagebit_denyreceipt template - should be similar to below
<span class="smalltext"><a href="private.php?action=read&amp;pmid={$message['pmid']}&amp;denyreceipt=1">{$lang->deny_receipt}</a></span>

Edit: also check global_pm_alert template code [MyBB Stock Theme]
<div class="pm_alert" id="pm_notice">
	<div class="float_right"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/private.php?action=dismiss_notice&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}" title="{$lang->dismiss_notice}" onclick="return MyBB.dismissPMNotice('{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/')"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/dismiss_notice.png" alt="{$lang->dismiss_notice}" title="{$lang->dismiss_notice}" /></a></div>
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I've always been able to read a PM when clicking Deny Receipt.

It removes it from tracking but obviously a PM removed from tracking+marked read proves it was read.

Personally I think the Deny Receipt should be removed entirely.
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(2018-03-10, 06:06 PM)labrocca Wrote: Personally I think the Deny Receipt should be removed entirely.

Yes it's pointless and causes confusion.

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