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Not Solved [General] Stylesheet not updating
Not Solved
Hello, I've been having trouble with style sheet recently, I made a new style sheet to my theme and I called it style.css, I started to edit it and all of the sudden it stopped updating for example, setting on the width on a class to 70%(was 100% before) then I would refresh and nothing changed, I would check the inspect option on google chrome and it is still 100% I tried so many times and nothing updates.
Tried ctrl+f5 but nothing.
Then I thought, maybe if  I copy and delete the file and create another one it'll fix, but it did not, if I create another file with the same name it'll still not work, but here is the catch, if I create a file with a different name it works, but the problem is that I'd need to create a file for every single change, like for example, this div shouldn't be 2px but 1px then I'd need to create a new one just because of 1 pixel!
I tried to edit the stylesheet through ftp but not even that worked.
Is there any way to fix this? like maybe deleting the cache? I really need help.


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Not Solved
Same problem I've had, read my thread for fix. Smile
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.
Not Solved
Omg thank you so much, I do use cloudflare too and it is fixed now, you saved me so much trouble and time!
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