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Not Solved .....
Not Solved
Not Solved

Spammers will always find away to past all of that, all you can do it just keep IP banning them and also account ban. Maybe look into banning their IP range.

Here is a few plugins that might help:

Note: Most of those plugins are for MyBB 1.6.x so please see this to update the plugins to MyBB 1.8.

Note: The 1.6 plugins has not been tested on 1.8 so please be aware that they might not work or could mess up your forum.

See :
Not Solved
What do you currently have as your security question? One thing I have done before for a Pokemon forum is have a picture of one of the Pokemon and they have to put the name of the Pokemon. It works well since bots can't easily read images, especially if you make sure not to name it something that makes the answer easy to guess.
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I wrote a simple math problem (3 + 7) as my security question, HOWEVER I encoded the question with HTML Special Entities so the bots had trouble reading and failed to spam. Great solution if you wanna be lazy Big Grin

[Image: rat85B3.png]
(uncheck the only encode unsafe, lets encode them all)
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use a combination of number and characters to mess bots up. Some leet speak helps too as the bot might pick up a wrong number
Quote:(3 plus Sev3n) m1nus too =
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with my forum, the bot users must require an answer to a question to the forum eg, "what is the name of the forum?" or "complete the name of the website, you**"

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