Chrome Very Aggressive In Caching?
I've noticed today it seems like Chrome is being mega aggressive on caching.  I never used to have to use no-cache headers when I'm doing web work.  Sometimes it will still show previous errors and warnings even when there are none unless I do a hard refresh.  I was wondering if this is just a problem for me or if others have been experiencing the same issue.
yes, recent versions of Chrome have been troubling a lot .. [chrome+aggressive+cache] ..
I've noticed this on localhost as well. It's irritating.
(2018-01-29, 03:47 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: I've noticed this on localhost as well. It's irritating.

Yeah, it was iritating to me too at first but later I used to it and I'm almost all the time at inspector so it's not so much problem any more but anyway... It was hard at start when I changed something few times to see that it's just because of cache...
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In the settings of the devtool you can change the cache settings for when it is open.

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