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Not Solved PHPBB3.2 merge issues
Not Solved
Hi Folks,

I've just tried to merge my PHPBB 3.2 forum into MyBB and have a few issues I'm hoping you can help me with:

1. I can't merge the attachments. It starts to do it but sticks at the first page and never moves on. If I refresh the page it says it has moved on to the next page of records, but then sits there until I refresh the page again.


2. I have lots of HTML formatting in every post. Can I get rid of it?


3. Lots of posts seem to have been altered, and show that the last post in a thread was by "Guest" less than 1 minute ago. This is wrong as you can see in the screenshot below - it shows who the only poster was. Also. these posts weren't made a minute ago; they actually span a number of weeks/months.


Hope you can help or I'm stuck with PHPBB :-(
Not Solved
Not Solved
The merge system needs frequent updates because every board might need special treatment. If you can afford it you will probably have a better chance if you pay somebody to execute the merge for you.
Not Solved

If you successfully merged (like I did) there was a lot of HTML coding that made all the posts a mess. You need to clean up the posts yourself (will take some time).

Do a Community Clean up manually

You need to edit every topic and post by hand in an efficient manner. Depending on your schedule, you could clean up like 25 posts a day and still have a life. If you have multiple staff that can edit content will make it less work! I have about 700 posts and 120 threads. It will take me about a month to clean by myself, but it would work. If you missed a topic make sure to have your users report whatever you missed.

Since the process will take time I am opening my forum since new content should not have the html messing codes. They really need to update the Merge System and I think it is stable for phpBB 3.1.x forums (but 3.2 cuasing theme html issues)
Best Regards,

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