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Not Solved Managegroups Issues
Not Solved
I am creating user "clubs" in my forum but I am having an issue.

When I assign user as a group leader, I can manage if he can:
  • Manage users in that group.
  • Accept join requests.
  • Invite others to join.
But the thing is, there "manage users in that group" doesn't only mean that leader can remove anyone, but it also means that leader "can add anyone" without asking to that user or anything and that's an issue. I don't want anyone adding other users without their permission to their clubs.

I think that feature has great potential if it's used properly, there could be like custom made group pages and custom made user roles within the group. Currently in group page it only shows who the leader is. But there could be like different user ranks only shown in that page.

Also currently users in that usergroup can't see "other users" since they can't access to managegroup page of that group. Only leaders can see what users are in, which is really bad. Is there a way I can change this?
Not Solved
I think you are looking for something like this? If so, it is under construction.

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