General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - anyone preparing plugins?
Create a column in user table. Fill 1 for those clicked I agree. Those who didn't force them to do that on next login.
An easy plugin. I can write a quick one for you if you guys need.
Alright, so here is a quick GDPR plugin for you guys to use.
Quick means there is no template, language or settings. All hardcoded, just activate and go ...
I have no idea what to place in the writeup so I just copied the content from the first post.

What it does is just throws a notice and forces all users to agree with it, else they can't use the site, the notice will remain.
All the I agree clicks are captured in 'users' table, in a separate 'gdpr' column.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this plugin. The licence is WTFPL.
If you need further modifications - just request me and I will do ...


.php   gdpr.php (Size: 4.31 KB / Downloads: 231)
Waw! Thanks a lot! Maybe it was a simple code but you save the soul of thousands of admins. Just few days ago, one of the bigest gaming forum from my country has close the shutters. The official reason - "impossibility to align to GDPR rules" Sad
I tried to install the plugin but getting the following error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' […]inc/plugins/gdpr.php on line 99

Am I doing something wrong ?
Sorted out over PM, right?
(2018-05-03, 10:04 PM)effone Wrote: Sorted out over PM, right?

Yes working perfectly. Thanks a mill
I will install the plugin next week. Did you recive on PM a tehnical advice regarding the instalation or functionality? I wonder if your error was something related to plugin or a specific bug for your forum?! Thanks
You guys can discuss anything over here related to it.
Issue was with the array declaration ( [...] ) I am not sure whether he is using lower version of PHP as changing the declaration to traditional array( ) resolved the issue for him.
@effone - thank you, you saved my board Smile can you extend it to have own templates etc? Because it would be much easier to use and customise.

Thank you very much, keep good work!
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I guess one official MyBB plugin is under dev, with all good advanced features complying GDPR.
Hold your breathe ...

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