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Not Solved "can be reported" option not working
Not Solved
I have admins and moderators set so the tick is off on "Can be reported?" option under Groups -> grouptype -> User and permissions -> Can be reported.

However today someone reported all the moderators and admins involved because they were unhappy of something we did. How did this user report us if our user group is set to cannot be reported?

I also logged into a regular user account and there is a report button on admins and moderators posts. Is this a bug, im not understanding something, or is there anther settings i am missing?
Not Solved
I think this is because of the themes default button?
or it might be that some of your plugins is having complex with your theme.

try use some themes and try disable some of plugins do some experiments and it might fix this problem.

or you might want to update your mybb version, if its not yet updated. Smile
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Not Solved
I am using the default MyBB theme.

I am not sure why plugins would effect the report button?
Not Solved
(02-08-2018, 01:31 AM)mrdangem Wrote: or you might want to update your mybb version, if its not yet updated. Smile

Like mrdangem said, your MyBB it's not updated, and maybe this is the problem with the javascript of the report button not working well
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Not Solved
What MyBB version are running? What theme are you using? What is your forum URL?

Have you tried disabling all plugins? I don't think plugins are causing the issue tho.
Not Solved
ive got 56 plugins active, and none pertain to reporting. Im not going to turn them off as i dont think they are the issue as well as it will cause a ton of problems on the board with getting them properly enabled again.

I am using the default MyBB theme.

mybb version 1.8.7 Also not updating until a major release as i have a TON of core edits across Mybb that will be removed by updating. If it is a bug that was fixed in a later version, then i would rather keep the bug for now.

forum URL is in my profile

Its also a minor issue versus the issue of updating/fixing core edits again, and getting all the plugins to work properly....its just not worth it in the end if they are the problem. I was hoping there was a second setting or something that i was missing instead.

looking at this a little more in detail and when i toggle the "can be reported" option the report button is visible and usable in the postbit section, however when its disabled it only does not show up in the profile.

i know this forum is not using the option or it is a global bug as i have access to report admins and mods here.

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