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Install Plugin errors
I have uploaded all files as it says, now getting this:

[Image: ez9l_kC1TLGQ0k1UIVjLMg.png]
please see this issue on GitHub (PHP 7 / undefined constant THIS_SCRIPT)
That didnt really help me, there is no fix there
may be its better to temporarily hide errors & warnings from appearing on forum ..

related option available at Server and Optimization Options page of Configuration section
[see also related posts here --> How to hide Warnings ...]
If i hide error messages will it not effect the mybb performance? Like i wont leave vulnerabilities? This is a harmless fix?
^ it will not affect the performance. there should be no harm.
as I understand it, there are no related vulnerabilities.
So how do I remove the errors on 1.8.14, I can see how to do it on 1.6 but setting may have changed.
^ above referred setting location has not changed.

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