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Not Solved slow loading speeds
Not Solved
Your server load has dropped substantially from the first post as well.

Is your VPS OpenVZ? That would explain it.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
Not Solved
its KVM

the speed has remained decent today. IF it forever was speedy now, i am still stumbled on why the past 3 weeks has been so slow. And i would doubt that i wont have that problem again either.
Not Solved
Quote:Its like it just randomly is slow and fast at random times.

Are you sure these aren't attacks? Also it could potentially be an issue with the shared server. Have you contacted the datacenter at all?
Not Solved
I have created tickets but they havent responded yet.

And yes they could be attacks. Our forum has been hacked before so people like to target the site.

The only thing i could think of DDOSing, because we are dropping connections that attempt logins and fail.

Looks like the forum has returned to being slow again
Quote:Generated in 13.836 seconds (55.22% PHP / 44.78% MySQL)
SQL Queries: 66 / Server Load: 63.63 / Memory Usage: 5 MB
Does the fact of it switching from fast to slow and back to fast, etc. etc. rule out the DB from causing this?

ill load one thread and it will take forever. Ill load another thread, and it will be quick. Then i load the first one again, and its quick, then i load the second one and its slow. Its just absurd. Confused
Not Solved
The load is high again, see.

That’s what is causing your issues. Track the cause of the load. It may not even be you...
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
Not Solved
Here are 3 priority things you should try, to improve the speed of your forum:
  • Switch from PHP 5.5, to PHP 7.0 or 7.1
  • Replace MySQL with MariaDB
  • Convert database tables from MyISAM to the InnoDB storage engine
Also, as others have said - investigate what could be the cause of those absurd load averages. You have SSH access correct? Use tools such as htop, lsof and netstat to keep track of process resource usage.
Not Solved
Before we screw with infrastructure we need to find out what the cause of the load is.

Load > Updates.

Although both are important, one is useless if it isn’t usable.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
Not Solved
I think OP needs to allow server access to a professional. An hour by someone capable could track this down easily.

And have you tried a TCPdump? You'd see the traffic on the network live. I recommend "tcpdump -q" as the command.

Because even if you have a firewall and apache drops the packets that doesn't mean the extra resources being taken aren't causing a high load.

Do you also have apache or php logs you can view ? I think you're experiencing attacks based on the fact it comes and goes. That or your VPS server has problems with resources.

You do need to learn a few things to be a full-fledge system administrator. One thing is troubleshooting.
Not Solved
I would be willing togive temp server access assuming its ok with other admins and that i take a snapshot of the server immediately before tweaking as a precautionary backup. Im going to have to put that on hold as im doing foot surgery andwill not be fully online for a few weeks tho. Crossing my fingers thesite is not slow that whole time. I will surely be back tho. Thanks for the help
Not Solved
This issue has been resolved with increasing our server CPU's from 1 to 2. The forum went from turtle to cheetah from a flick of a switch. Im assuming as the forum gets more traffic the more hardware needed then. 
Quote:Generated in 65 ms (22.30% PHP / 77.70% MySQL) 

SQL Queries: 111 / Server Load: 0.04 / Memory Usage: 5.25 MB

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