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Not Solved slow loading speeds
Not Solved
Templates Requiring Additional Calls (Not Cached at Startup) - 16 Total

That's 16 queries you can start with to try and minimize. Many appear to be in prostats. Find the support thread and try to get some help. It's possible to hook properly to add all of them into the original template query.

There are a ton of queries in pre_output_page hook.

A bunch of these are from the mybb_google_seo plugin which I suspect isn't well optimized to reduce queries. I see about 20 queries almost all the same...those can definitely be cut down to 1 if the plugin was better written.

69 queries appear to be hook related from plugins. So 113 queries could potentially be cut to 50ish and with template fixes you could cut that into the 30's.
Not Solved
im not really proficient at PHP to change code or hooks, nor the structure of MyBB.

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