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[$$$]Paying for Theme Completion + Custom Plugins

I've been developing my New Theme for my forum, however I don't have the skill required nor the time to sit and get it right to complete this work.

I'm looking for someone who is capable of completing the Theme, as well as developing a few Custom Plugins to go alongside it.

Here's a list of what the theme needs finished:
  • Finish the Postbit (already started)
  • Finish Forumdisplay (already started, just needs a few things positioned correctly and lastposter avatar positioning fixed.)
  • Finish Member_Profile template (Pretty much complete, just needs variables placed, and plugins styled and setup etc.)
  • Redo Reputation Page with a professional Grid too.
  • Redo UserCP
  • Redo ModCP
  • Redo Memberlist (I know exactly how I want it to look.)
  • Redo Teampage/Showstaff
  • Redo Statistics Page
  • Redo PMs
  • Redo Registration Form/Login form pages (Simplify them a lot like Social Media)
  • Design Custom Usergroups Page
  • Design Custom Upgrades Page
There may be a bit more, but from a quick check that's all I can list as necessary right now.

Then, here's a list of Custom Plugins I'll need created:
  • Follow (allows users to follow one another, and all of their new threads and overall actions on the forum will show up in the other users notifications)
  • Facebook Style Notifications System (I have a very detailed description for this one but I'll only provide once we're preparing for work.)
  • Popular Tags Cloud (Allows users to add Tags to their posts, and the popular tags cloud will showup as a sidebar that displays the most popular tags in a nice tag cloud.)
  • Profile Comments (Exactly what it says, normal profile comments with options to edit and delete comments if its on your profile, or if you posted it etc.)
  • Media Plugin (For the Member Profile, this will be a tab on member profile thats basically a simple photo album users are allowed to upload to, photos organised by albums or something.)
  • Feed (Inspired by Social Media, this will show all recent posts made by a user, except instead of just thread titles it'll give a short example of the post or something like that.)
  • Gossip (This is more or less a "statuses" plugin. I don't like the name statuses though, and i'd like this one to be better than any other status updates plugin. With this it's more or less the same as Twitter. Users should be able to Shout/Post "Gossip", like others "Gossip", and Quote/Repost others gossip on their page etc.
  • Trust Scan (Analyses the users profile and showcases multiple different stats for users to view to help decide whether they're trust worthy or not.
  • Simple Likes system (A very simple likes system for posts, marketplace items, etc. Must follow a very specific design though, we'll discuss this more.)
  • Virtual Market (A Very Advanced Marketplace system for MyBB, I have the idea in my head and this might take a lot of work but I'll keep this one to myself until I've found someone to create it for me.)
  • Custom Postbit Backgrounds (Allows users to upload custom profile backgrounds)

  • Not all of those plugins are required to finish the theme, so if you're interested in doing the theme then let me know and I'll tell you which plugins are needed to complete it.

    Anyway, if anyone would like to work with me to get these plugins made then yee let me know your prices for them.

    Lot's of work to be done.
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Go on private or Skype : Wink
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Hello all

This is once again needed, and I've actually edited the title and thread contents as it's a bit of a different request now. Base theme is done, but much more to get done.

Let me know by PM if anyone's interested in making some money.
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Looking for someone to make the plugins, let me know.
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I already proposed my services Wink
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