Not Solved Admin Panel - Plugin Upload - FTP problem
Not Solved
I've worked VERY hard!  First I uploaded Matt's plugin installer plugin of plugins successfully by putting all the files in the right directories.  Kudos to him for a very clear README instruction txt file.  And thank you for the plugin.  That was hard work to mix and match the exact files and folders, but success!  I successfully uploaded it and thought - GREAT - I'm set - let's download all of those plugins.  Except, now one is put through a further major hurdle.  FTP!  And that I can't make to work.  I've got a VPS - put in the IP, the user and the password, and it keeps coming up with 

Quote:An FTP connection could not be made with the specified FTP details. Please check they are correct and try again.

I can't go wrong with the FTP details I'm using.  I'm using the same ones with FileZilla - and no problem at all.  So what other typical issues could there be that I have to confront in order to make it work? 

And while we're on the subject, why is it possible for WordPress to be so very uncomplicated with downloading and installing plugins.  Like all one has to do is give the Admin permission.  And one's set.  However with myBB it's painful, particularly for people who are using it for the first time.  Like a total head ache.  AND messy.  Not all of the instructions are equal.  I've just wasted an awful lot of time to try and find the instructions of where to upload files and folders of the Thank You/Like System+MyAlerts & Tapatalk support plugin.  There's a - what does .me mean?  I'm used to .txt.  And when I opened it there was none of the instructions I was looking for.  I then thought maybe I just need to upload the folder to the root folder of the Forum, and still nothing happened.  Like could you make the instruction files standard for all plugins so people like me can make sense out of them without having to waste an awful amount of time to read through 78 pages of a thread (which I didn't do).  It should be the absolute first file like Matt's is with his plugin. The installation instructions should be the most important file, easy to find, to read and to install.

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