Not Solved [General] Specific Page won't load on Mobile
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We have a mobile theme that is used for people accessing the forum using their phones. It is the MyBB Go Theme. It works fine, however the Rules Page here loads fine when on a Desktop, but if you load up that page on a phone it is completely blank. I already loaded the page up with my Android connected to the computer to scan for possible JScript errors and there were four related to old files that didn't exist anymore that I resolved. I'm at a loss. I enabled PHP Error logging, but since the server we use isn't ours I can't exactly restart it without killing it for other customers. So until I see that log I can't be certain if it's a hidden PHP problem on the phone. However I'm here to brainstorm and see if anyone else might think of something. 

I've scoured the themes and templates in the Admin CP and I can't find anything that would make it blank. 

Not a new installation or upgrade. 

Test account upon request. 

I can take a screen shot on my phone and post it. I'll follow up my post with it.

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Not Solved
basically page loading time is high (even on desktop - eg. #) that might be affecting mobile view ..

if you need direct help & if you can wait for few hours then
you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & web host panel to check

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