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Looking for an Inventory/Gathering system that ties in to my MyBB forum
What I'm looking for is an Inventory system to tie into my MyBB forum. My site is a roleplaying site, with individual accounts for each character, and I'm looking to implement a system that essentially does the following, most likely in a subdomain of my forum:

- Allows members to input "gathering" requests, pick items from a set list, and submit a thread URL to prove (for the admins) that they attempted to gather that item.
- Panel for admins to either approve or deny these gathering requests.
- From there on, system would roll using probability on the success/failure of that item being gathered, and post a generic reply on that thread: "Item X" "has/has not" been successfully gathered, and add the item to their inventory.
- Website that displays inventory of all members of the site using their UID from the MyBB forum

Other things to note:
- Some items might have a base success rate, whereas other items might have increased probability based on skills? Members on my site can pick two skills and admins manually level them up as they increase in skill.
EXAMPLE: A dandelion might have a 60% probability of being gathered. A beginner healer, though, might get an added 20% chance to this item. A master healer might get 40% increased chance. Etc. This system needs to be able to check the type and tier of each skill and calculate it appropriately.
- Decay for perishable items (all items would have the following when being added to the list: Name, Pixel image, decay time - i.e. 20 days) and status for perishables depending on how long since gathered (i.e. fresh, wilted, rotting for plants).
- Quantity indicator for non-perishable items, and maybe quantity indicator as well (randomized on gather)
- Probably a section for old perishables and what date they expired on
- A way for admins to easily go in and delete or add items as necessary.
- Optional? A trading system?

So items would have the following values:
Name, Pixel, Rarity, Success %, +Success% if skill #1 is X or skill #2 is Y, Perishable/Non Perishable, (if perishable) Decay time (and states that correlate with how close to decay)

The actual inventory should display the item, status (if necessary), date acquired, decay date, quantity.

I know this is a lot, and know this is a HUGE project, but I'm interested in what is/isn't possible and what something like this would cost.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Right, I get you want some RPG modification, right ? Have you tried Newpoints and its shop plugin before ? If so, couldn't it be easier to write a plugin for it ?
I don't think Newpoints is what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for a currency system - I already have that.

I'm looking for a whole separate inventory system with set items that can be rolled for.
Too bad then, your idea sounds cool but I imagined something up for Newpoints. Good look.
Giving this another bump. Very interested in someone taking on this project.
I have sent you a message.
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin

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