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Not Solved [For 1.8] How to Fix HTML mess in posts after Merge
Not Solved
(Can a MyBB staff stick this since it's a common issue for many users)

You might experience HTML codes like <br> <e> <r>, etc. The most simple method to resolve the problem is to install HTML in post plugin.

Plugin URL: HTML in Posts 1.7

Upload the inc folder to the root folder using an FTP application. Make sure you install the plugin in the Admin CP. Once you successfully install the plugin. Go to Settings (the bottom with plugin settings) Delete 4 in "Allowed Groups" for all posts in HTML to be converted.

This is a better approach than using the database or removing the HTML by hand. 

Note: You cannot add the group ID "4" for administrators allowed only groups. The HTML mess will be reverted back.

Sorry for the rush, I will update it to make it easier especially for users that familiar with MyBB. If you need help with installing the plugin before I fix this guide. You may refer a document and tutorial video for additional support. Of course, request support on the forum if you have any additional questions.

Best Regards,

[Image: Y1db4R6.gif]
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