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[For 1.8] BootBB - Responsive Multicolor MyBB Theme
(2022-08-02, 09:22 AM)spinecki Wrote: Hi, what is the proper way of disabling countup feature and delete all the things related (js file)?

You can edit template index_boardstats and remove {$forumstats} from it.
But I want to only disable the countup (js). I want to leave stats (numbers), but without the countup.

Is there an easy way to add a big search box right below the welcomeblock?
You can remove the javascript block at the end of index_stats template.

You can add a search form anywhere you like. I have a custom google site search form on my forum in the upper corner.
This theme still in active development? I see been around for awhile
Theme is up to date with the latest release of MyBB.

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