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[For 1.8] BootBB - Responsive Multicolor MyBB Theme
The next problem:

i can not do: request new password, if forgotten.

It does not work. In default theme it work fine!

any help??

Ciao Maik

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This may be an issue with your user. Templates may be involved.

It's possible you might have to change some template related data to the theme. If you do not wish to change your MyBB templates, a simple reinstallation of the theme may be needed.

If this continues, it may be an issue with the theme. If so, you shouldn't use the theme until a patch is released.
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This theme is nice but has many issues. I have located some and helped others with some. Some of the latest I found was that the theme may be lacking the required code to login and needs to be edited for that. I would suggest using another theme until the author updates the theme completely and fixes all the issues that have been pointed out.
Looking for help and not support, PM me. 
I have found the problem. This template "member_lostpw" wars not correct.

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