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  • 5 Image Code Isn't Working After Maintenance

I noticed after the recent maintenance the
[img] [/img]
tags are no longer displaying images. It will display right in the thread preview but once posted it displays as
 so it displays the url instead of the image also the same is for signatures.

I tested this on 2 devices and its the same thing just thought I will report it I don't know if this is a bug or what.

Look in the signature in this profile :

Also look at it in my recent thread :
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[Image: B81_BCF44_3_D51_4477_8984_4_E4_A555_B290_A.jpg]

[Image: B81_BCF44_3_D51_4477_8984_4_E4_A555_B290_A.jpg]

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Thanks for the report, we're looking into this now.
This should now be resolved.

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