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[For 1.8.14] Google Forms
Quote:Exclamation This Mycode was tested and on MyBB 1.8.14 (works) and displays correctly. However, this code demonstrates problems on MyBB 1.8.15 (lastest stable release) and does not work. There is no guarantee that the code will work for any outdated versions. Make sure you have the most stable version of MyBB.

Hi Folks,

I have converted the iframe code for Google forms which can trigger mod security or posting issues.

Step 1
Admin CP -> Configuration -> MyCode -> Add New MyCode
You should see the page where you can add a new MyCode. Once you are there, you may proceed to step 2.

Step 2
Now we will input some information to get the MyCode from working. Make sure you copy & paste carefully. If you miss a letter or change the coding, it will not work. Please be diligent with the information provided. Only 
Title - You may change the name to what you desire.
Google Forms (or any name you desire)
Short Description - I use this as a help text. I do not recommend changing this.
[form]GOOGLE FORM URL[/form]
Regular Expression - Do not change this.
Replacement - Do not change this.
Tip: You may adjust thw width/height numbers to change the size for all forms to your liking. This is optional.

<iframe src="$1" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>
Actual Result
[Image: 1cfdfd1271742a4a3d818b68f9890c08.png]

Purpose of MyCode
  • Perfect for user surveys for your forum without having users leave the site.
  • Make applications for staff on a information thread without having to link a page or template.
  • Other possibilities that might fulfill your needs.
I hope this Mycode will be helpful. You can adjust this for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. If you need help, feel free to respond to this thread for support. I think it seems spammy to make a MyCode tutorial for each Google element since the code is similar. 

Please inform me in this thread if you find any problems with this tutorial. For instance, MyBB versions change the MyCode format, Tutorial was not clear enough, or I am missing content for this MyCode to function correctly.
Best Regards,

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Exclamation This MyCode has been tested and is not working for MyBB 1.8.15

- Shows "Not Found" error despite correct URL. I will investigate the problem further. I highly recommend not to use this. This may still work on 1.8.14.

[Image: 0f763a1e98214109d16ccbd5433d8cd9.png]

Note: I will update this message for any updates or to show it works for 1.8.15. Sorry for the incompetence. I am running tests for the MyCode I shared to ensure they are working.
Best Regards,

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Can you update??

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