Noob (language.lang.php) Question
I have downloaded an Italian Translation pack and I'm not sure exactly what to do with language.lang.php.
This is a clean install of myBB with all the defaults.

Instructions say to copy the (Italian language.lang.php) file to

This will overwrite the default English language.lang.php that is there. Are these instructions correct?

As a precaution, I renamed the original file and uploaded the new Italian file.  Things appear to be working properly but I don't want to break the board.  It almost seems as though I would want to edit the php file than overwrite the English version of it.

Thanks for any assistance.

Docs of Language Packs Installation   Documents. Info of setting your languague.
Thank you, but this does not address my question.
Well, I'm not really sure about resources and why do you need that.

Just upload inc and everything should work fine.

That in install/resources is translation which will be displayed while installing software. As you have already installed it, you don't need it. And If you consider updating your software, you will need to upload new files along with new install translation if it's not changed in new software version...

So in conclusion, you can upload that but you don't need to, it will not break anything Wink

Hope this answers your question...
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Quote:language pack consists of a php file with the language name and a folder with that language name.
that php file & folder (with all its contents) should be uploaded to the languages folder of MyBB files
(./inc/languages) - then that language will be available for selection ..

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