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Not Solved New User Registration broken for months
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I have tried everything to try and get this fixed and ive made no progress.

New users cannot join my forum website. The registration used to work fine, but then I believe a new column was added to the user SQL table named "login name" or something similar as a result of attempting to install the "Display Names" plugin which is a requirement of the Steam Login API for myBB.

I have uninstalled both of these plugins and completely deleted them from the site, as well as removed the column that the error mentions and it still gives the problem, Im hoping I dont have to rebuild my entire site because of these broken plugins. Thanks for your help folks, this problem has really been killing us.

[Image: 80a692c7c9e2f3ceb36976fe8f358beb.png]

ps: we also have a failure to send confirmation emails so we have all activation disabled. still this error occurs.
Not Solved
If my eyes don't deceive me (small image) it says loginame is duplicate key. "loginname" is not part of the users table by default. So you likely have a plugin that's involved. Have you tried to disable all plugins? That's a setting option in acp.
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Yes i have tried this. I have even removed that column from the user table. it still triggers this error.

right click > view image.
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can you install the steam login plugin again & check if the issue fixes ..

or you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & web host panel (files & database) to check

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