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Not Solved [General] I want to edit the footer that fits my needs!
Not Solved
Hi!  Smile
  I want to edit the footer that fits my needs! 
For example I am going to change the copyright footer to:
Forum Provided by MyBB
Provided by MyBB
Script by MyBB

Or I will move the footer to a different location like:
I will put it on the top, bottom, top right and etc...

Or also I will put a one time as every visit per day about:
Special thanks to MyBB for making it possible to get free Forum Software!  Big Grin

Please help...  Sleepy
Not Solved
well, footer part is supposed to stay at bottom of the page. Header part is at the top.
powered by MyBB notice can appear anywhere on the page [should appear on all pages]

You might be knowing that MyBB uses templates system.
in general,
Header template basically contains logo & navigational links
Footer template contains other useful links & information

you can edit anything as you like through templates of MyBB.

Powered by MyBB notice with back link to site should be retained
to receive official support from the Staff of this Community Forum.

[MyBB Support Eligibility Policy]
Not Solved
Of course I will not delete the powered by MyBB!
It took times and patience to make this forum.
I am not that kind of person to just remove the powered by MyBB
Especially I am a web hosting owner which I follow copyright!

And where can I edit the mybb footer to suite my needs?
Not Solved
^ footer template code & corresponding css style properties in global.css stylesheet can be edited to suit your needs.

forum admin panel >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> [Your Theme Templates] >> Footer Templates => Footer

note: edit global.css stylesheet in forum admin panel (through themes section) AND in advanced edit mode (tab)

remember hard refreshing your browser [eg. press CTRL + F5] on a forum index page after saving changes to the stylesheet

see also this guidance => How to edit the mybb footer
Not Solved
Thank you so much!Smile

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