Not Solved images and videos not fitting mobile view bootstrap theme
Not Solved
using theme called boot bb by EreeCorp
its working soo good and i like it
only one problem
at mobile view the images and videos are way way out of the screen
not even visible with a scroll
how to fix that
thanks Shy
Not Solved
can you disable rocket loader (& auto minify if used) at cloudflare,
purge forum cache at cloudflare, wait for some time & then check ..

if above doesn't help then
provide a couple of test URLs where you see such problems
Not Solved
not sure if the time i gave was Enough or not but looks like nothing changed at all
some English threads
a link with a video but video was removed
a non English link with video
Not Solved
you can add below style rule at the bottom of global.css stylesheet of the theme & check if it helps
.scaleimages img {max-width: 100%;}
note: edit the stylesheet in forum admin panel (through themes section) AND in advanced edit mode (tab)

remember hard refreshing your browser [eg. press CTRL + F5] on a topic page after saving changes to the stylesheet
Not Solved
hi again from PC there is no problem at all its 100% perfect

but on a phone here is what the problem looks
Not Solved
^ scaling of images should also work on mobile devices with that style rule.
(checked through browser emulation as I do not use mobile devices)
Not Solved
the CSS code of scaling images is applied since my last reply and i did the steps about cloudflare
im still did not see any changes on phone Sad i have no idea why yet
Not Solved
purge the cache & turn ON development mode at cloudflare.

check if above suggested style rule exists in global.css
if it exists then save the stylesheet without any changes.
otherwise add the code and save the stylesheet & check again.
Not Solved
the problem solved 80% using
.post_body img {
display: block;
width: 100%;
height: auto;
the height looks not suitable at some point
but looks way better than what it was before i dont know but the code you provided do not make any effect and that is odd i have no idea why i dont mean anything rude and i hope my code is suitable with the bootstrap system

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