[Rejected] AJAX posting threads does not work propertly.
I have seen this problem a few days ago but i have no time to post it yet due i can not found a way to reproduce it, but now after many times with same result i hace an idea on how to reproduce.

MyBB version is 1.8.15

Now you have to create a thread.

The another user replies to your thread.

Now when user have replied you have to reply again to this thread.

At this point all should be fine, but if you have permissions to add new replies, i have forgoten something so i will write again to update my thread or add a new one after the latest one i make.

When i send it and it refresh via AJAX then it will load first post for this thread and not current response.

I have see it as an admin of the forum.

But only happens on AJAX reply when you refresh or if is the latest post for that page then you will be redirected fine to the next page with your posted contents, and if you refresh page even when the ajax loads first post content of this thread you will see the right content.

If some one can tracking this issue i think is an important issue to fix it. All works fine in all the past versions of mybb i have tested all since 1.7 until now 15 versions and only this last one makes this issue.

Thanks in advance...
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

I can't reproduce this. Defined steps are not clear.
We need more info how to reproduce this issue. I am trying but without any success Sad
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