Not Solved Beginner trying to make 1.8.15 mobile friendly
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I only started with MyBB forum a couple of months ago, currently running version 1.8.15 in vanilla install, no plugins, theme changes or anything.

I'm getting hassle from users that the vanilla version is just not mobile friendly and was looking around for a way to improve this, buts its quite an information jungle out there. Also most of the mobile apps/ plugins seem to run for version 1.6x

A mobile friendly way of displaying the vanilla 1.8x MyBB might perhaps be included already, otherwise I'm looking for something that is relatively easy to install for a beginner like me, and will also hopefully be upgraded together with MyBB

Thanks for help
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perhaps it'd be better to try using a responsive theme.
you can search for available responsive themes at the Extend Section

you may also look in Theme Releases Section & R/S/J Section

[Theme Installation - a guidance]
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