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Feature Request: Latest Posts
If this isn't already on everyone's wish list, the thing we need the most is a native, built-in Latest Posts section or side bar. Preferably this would include some configuration options, such as Sidebar, Left or Right, or to appear as a section in the main forum list, moveable by sort number like the rest, Number of posts to display, etc.

We have a small but growing forum, and use a clunky plugin to get a "Latest Posts" sidebar - and this is where everyone ends up going most of the time. Our fear is that the plugin won't work with the v1.9 upgrade. So it would be incredibly useful if it were built in!

I am not sure if this is in plan for MyBB 1.9 but this might be a good option in terms of theme engine Smile
I wouldnt like it as a side bar option, but i do use unread posts plugin which fulfills the same kind of need. It is odd that there is not really a default method of some kind in MyBB. The default "new posts" and "todays posts" dont cut it for me.
I support the idea personally, I think index should not display your forum structure. Index should practically index latest posts.
I never use index. Whenever I visit a MyBB site - I directly visit search.php?action=getdaily as I feel something like this should be the main page of a dynamic site.

Any blog software, other modern forum softwares (flarum, say), Github Dashboard - all uses that kind as their landing page.
I actually coded a revamped version of index page for myself that shows only latest posts. But its not complete as I'm doing some AJAX infinite loading stuff with it.

(Note: this post is completely unofficial, a personal view, just as a user of MyBB)
i think that is what makes a forum so different than things like facebook groups. You can see the forum structure and hope to instill it in new users so they can best categorize their post. Where facebook groups you just see the latest posts. There are times where i wished facebook groups had individual forums so i could categorize the threads. But there is no method like that there.
It can be done by adding Options under Homepage how you want your landing page to be. That way it can suffice everyone's choice. Just a thought.
+1 _
We actually depend on both - the index structure organizes threads in to subject categories, and our visitors do tend to post in the correct "forum" and rely on that for finding related conversations. But we also depend on the Latest Posts so as not to miss important or urgent conversations. Our visitors and moderators use both - Organized + Latest - and it works well. It would be a set back to have one without the other.
Hi, just hoping to bump this up as a feature request: Latest Posts. The landing page for our forum (5,000 members, 25,000 posts) shows the standard "structure" of subject areas on the left half of the page, and "Latest Posts" on the right half (inserted with a 3rd party plugin). The forum works well because we have BOTH structure, and Latest posts. However, with every update the plug-in is more dated and less compatible, and it seems without updates of its own...

If/when the upgrade to MyBB 1.9 becomes available, it will be some time before someone (hopefully) creates or updates a Latest Posts plug-in, so we will actually lose that functionality. So it's my hope that at some point this gets built in. Thanks again.
But MyBB already has a section with latest posts and latest threads, in the portal page, right? The functionality is there, so I think the problem is just the flexibility of the template system. In other words, all we need to do in future versions is to have an easy way to move template blocks around. I agree that the home page should be improved though, showing useful information like for example:

- new threads
- latest posts (replies in threads)
- your latest threads or any threads you have participated in
- popular threads right now (with most replies in the last 7 days)
- an area where admins or moderators can display important notifications
- etc.

This however should be relatively easy to do and to customize once we have a good template system, I guess.

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