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hey all.. i do not have any questions just yet.. i just registered my new domain the other day and there is nothing there yet but i was hoping to start the website with like a forum or something discussing anything and everything about drones, parts, ordering, drone use , drone design and innovation, software, drone enthusiasts, a place where drone enthusiasts can meet up and discuss the infinite subjects on drones lol... so anyway, im kinda playing this by ear.. so im planting a seed for now with u guys to let u know im here so hollar at me with anything.. but believe me ill be back when it comes time to install this script !!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY !!!

oh p.s.   for some reason i cant create my profile here.. saying im not activated but then on another page it says i AM activated.. hmmmm anyway thanks   :0)
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I can help out along with setting up your website completely if that's what you need. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I can also give you a list of things I can provide.
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I can help you with every thing you need bro
Check out my own forum
Contact me @
Whatsapp 09025925116
Emaill [email protected]
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