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Not Solved Subforum Mod being given full mod ability
Not Solved
I have a set of subforums where each user who desires may set up 'blog.' Since the upgrade to 1.8.14 each time I create a new subforum the moderator for that forum has been given full forum moderator capability.

See attachment where azimuth was created as the moderator for her "Contemplations" subforum. She reports that she can see (an in fact has posted in) a closed system forum for moderators/administrators. Oddly, the subforum moderators that I created earlier, using this same method, can moderate only their own subforums.

Can anyone tell me what it that I'm obviously missing or is this a bug?

ETA: What I just noticed is that when I created her as the moderator of her subforum, MyBB gave her moderator capability. I now reset her, in her profile, from mode to registered member hoping that that will have the desired effect. Looking at the forum, it shows her as the mod for her subforum. We will see.

(( MyBB staff: is that really the desired effect when creating a mod for a subforum?? ))

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Not Solved
can't easily say if it is a bug or mis-configuration ..

may be you can use admin hijack plugin,
login as the other users / section moderators & trace the cause ..
Not Solved
I'm sorry, M, but I need to be spoonfed on this ... I have the plugin but not sure how to install it since it's straight php. Where do I need to put it (and please be nice! Smile

Ignore that, put it in the plugins folder and activated it. Works nicely.

I still have to question if the creation of a mod for a subforum should give them system mod capability. With the exception of several plugins I have a pretty stock forum and no user mods (nothing I've changed myself).
Not Solved
obviously, section moderator is not expected to get regular moderator privileges.

it could be a bug. needs testing ..

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