Make a forums warning list?
How do i make a forums warning list? Like for example:

Name                 Points (as in how much % was added)                             Expires                                           Issued by
Blade                       20%                                                                            2months 8days 11hours                      Blade
requires a custom plugin or code modification.

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Think I have this somewhere in my files from when I owned Real Forums. Give me a PM later on and I’ll take a look.
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What you describe there is the warning log page in ModCP:  yoururl.tld/modcp.php?action=warninglogs

To make a list of all warned users would be something for the Page Manager plugin, there you can create a page like that and restrict access to it to the user groups you want. I made such a list for my board, based on a page shown here. See the attachment:
.xml   warnlist.xml (Size: 2.74 KB / Downloads: 188)

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