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[For 1.8] My Images Upload - Firebase Integration
My Images Upload

What is this?

My Images Upload is a very simple alternative to attachment mod. It works only with images and allows users to quickly add images to posts. All images are stored on your Firebase Project and it will automatically inserted in posts after successfully uploaded. This mod is easy to install and easy to use.


- Browse or Drop images

- Loading Notification

- Images name after choose an image

- Automatically insert into post

- Save your server disk space

- More features will be added soon...

How to install?

1. You need to configure the firebase console first. Go here and open up your console with your google account. Add and name your project.

2. Second choose Add Firebase to your web app

[Image: QjwNdXY.png]

3. Copy and paste the first javascript code to your headerinclude template

<script src=""></script>

4. Upload the plugin to your plugin folder in public_html

5. Install the plugin and open up setting page

[Image: preview_59028_1521137180_31e3cd96ad0e6f2...7fb41d.png]

6. Fill in the detail with your detail in firebase console

7. Done Big Grin

Plugin Detail

v1.0 - Download
- Initial Release

Poeja Network
I haven't tested but seems useful, thanks for sharing.

But I think the following is reversed:
eval("\$myimgbox = \"".$templates->get("myimg_box")."\";");
 eval("\$myimgbox_js = \"".$templates->get("myimg_js")."\";");

As myimg_box includes {$myimgbox_js} before it being eval'd.
I'll check for it, thanks for that
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
where is headincluder template
It's in ungrouped templates at the bottom
I finished the settings, but when I want to open a topic I get the following

[Image: other%2Ferror.png?alt=media&token=a7067e...d52384e423]
It doesn't seem to work.
It doesn't show me the upload image area.
function MyAdfly_thread() ???
isn't working. Same problem as Aderman
Doesn't work. it gives me this Fatal error: Call to undefined function MyAdfly_thread() in /home/cliodcin/public_html/inc/class_plugins.php on line 142

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