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Not Solved Restoring old MyBB backup
Not Solved
Mybb Forum went offline in October. Beforehand I made a backup.

I have decided to start my forum up again. 

I have scoured Youtube unable to find any videos on how to restore mybb with a backup. I am really green when it comes to this software. In my backup folder I have a .gz file and a PHP file.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Not Solved
do you remember how database backup was made ?

if it was from forum admin panel or from database manager through
general export method then you have to create new database at your
web server & import database backup (file with .sql.gz extension)

then upload MyBB files & connect to the database by editing ~/inc/config.php file
[config.php details]

when you visit your forum url, system might prompt to upgrade database.
follow instructions which appear on the screen.

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