Not Solved Is there a demo available for the new Advantage theme?
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Regarding Advantage Theme:

Is there a demo of the theme available?  Like I notice there aren't any demos shown at myBB (unless it's in an obvious place and I've missed it), and I'd have thought that is an important feature to have for a myBB theme? 

Like the one they have at phpBB - that would be really nice.  Here's what it looks like:

Also, just a warning to some people who aren't used to myBB themes.  Some of the themes may conflict with some of the plugins.  Better to test a new theme for all of the plugins you are using first on a separate installation of myBB before you choose a theme.
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you can see its general functionality on theme coder's forum

Please note : that forum is in Espanol language
DNT Advantage theme needs to be selected at the footer

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